Why buy from us?

We check the Internet for you to find the lowest prices, then we beat them. Look around you will see we can't be beat. In fact, if you do find a lower price on one of our items somewhere else, let us know and we'll beat it. We may even lower our price permanently. When shopping for prices don't forget to check the shipping cost as well, some sites will offer good prices, but overcharge on the shipping to make up for it.

We have a very large selection and it's growing everyday. We don't just offer items from one manufacturer or distributor, we scour the globe to find you the best items at the best prices. From the least expensive costume piece to the highest quality masterpiece, we have it all. We carry products from CAS Iberia, Denix, Albion Armory, Marto, Factory X, Cheness Cutlery, Cold Steel, Del Tin, Windlass Steelcrafts, Hanwei, Dynasty Forge, Arms & Armor, Marto, Darksword Armory, Deepeeka, Generation 2, Get Dressed For Battle, Kris Cutlery, Masahiro, Musashi, Ritter Steel, United Cutlery, Valiant Armory and much more..Our website represents what we actually carry, not everything we can get. We have access to literally thousands more items. If you don't see it..... just ask.

Unlike many Internet "stores", we stock the vast majority of what you see on our site. A lot of these sites list everything they could ever possibly get, but don't order it until you order it. On average most of our orders ship the same or next business day. We also let you know if an item is in stock or not, right on the site. Most places only imply they have product, forcing you to wait while they order it after the fact. Let's face it most other sites do not tell you what is in stock, because it is embarrassing to list 1000 items when none of them are in stock. They don't tell you because they are afraid you'll see how little they actually do have. As a side note: We can get you most of the stuff on other sword site"lists" as well. Usually just as fast, and at a better price.

We don't drop ship
Our vast inventory also means that as a rule we do not "drop ship" your order. Many so called "sword sites" carry no stock what-so-ever. In fact they never even see the products. When you order from them they simply order from a supplier who ships to you. Some even go so far as to list products as "In stock", because their supplier "may" have them. We feel this is a dishonest practice. Everything we list as "In Stock" is actually here in our warehouse and showroom. Relying on drop shippers causes numerous problems. For one thing, many suppliers do not inspect their products before shipment. In some cases the last time anyone even looked at the item you ordered may have been months ago, when it was put in a box at the over seas factory. Secondly, the disconnect between the ordering and shipping process, results in more potential for mistakes. The seller could advertise an item with an old manufacturers picture, only to have the items ship looking completely different. We see this happen all the time. If a manufacturer makes changes to a product, the drop shippers are oblivious to this fact, as they never even see the products. Don't reward lazy middlemen with your business.

This business was built with a simple concept. We wanted to offer the type of business we would buy from. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. We do not believe in lying to or misleading our customers. We don't misrepresent our products. We have seen many of our competitors making false claims about their products, in attempts to trick customers into buying from them. Claiming an item is from a certain movie when it is not, selling imitation products as the licensed originals, even flat out lying in their product descriptions. The list goes on and on. Hardly a day goes by without one of our customers telling us some horror story about their experience with such-and-such company. Frankly it's pretty disgusting how some companies do business. Suffice it to say we are as sick of it as you are. We want you to enjoy buying from us. If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help. Just call or email us.

We're not just another ".com"
Many of our competitors are far from real stores. A lot of them are a nice website with nothing behind it. No stock, no space, no nothing. They deal with your order when they get home from their "real" jobs. They'll try to tell you that they keep their prices down by not stocking anything, and not having any overhead, but we will still beat them on price! We are serious about this business, this is not a hobby for us. We're here 45 hours a week ready to assist you. Honestly we could have run a "shell" business out of a house too, but we moved into commercial space, with room for our vast inventory and showroom in an effort to offer better and faster service to you.

Generous return policy
We have a 45 day return policy. No need to rush an item out the door. That's 50% longer than most places. You can return an item to us for a full refund minus shipping costs, for any reason. Not what you expected? No problem, contact us and we'll take care of it for you, and we won't punish you with ridiculous restocking fees like some of our competitors. Please note that our policy differs around Halloween. Please read our Halloween policy here.

We are familiar with the products we sell you. We've looked at them held them, maybe even used them. Most of them are right here in the building with us. Many companies just get a bunch of pictures and prices from their distributors, and throw together a quick cookie cutter website. Many of the items they list, they have never even seen in person.
Their product knowledge is limited to the manufacturers description.

Our products are hand selected. We do not add an item to our website until we have seen it in person or are familiar enough with a respected manufacturer to ensure that it is of suitable quality. We have rejected many items sold by other dealers due to poor quality issues. This is not to say that a $15.00 sword will be as nice as a $250 one, but you can be sure that it won't fall apart when you take it out of the box. We strive to offer a wide enough selection for everyone's budget, but we don't want to sell junk at any price.
We also inspect each and every item before it goes out. We know how frustrating it is to wait for a shipment only to receive a blatantly defective item. Some sites and suppliers are notorious for this. Sending out the same rusted out junk over and over without so much as looking in the box. We feel there is no excuse for this. Your order will be inspected for any obvious problems or known issues before it ships. We can't guarantee that something will never slip past us, but this policy keeps our defective item returns to any extremely low amount. Less than one percent of our shipments are returned for this reason.

We accept international orders

Many sites do not. We have years of experience, and thousands of international shipments under our collective belts. This allows us to identify potential problems with your order before it ships. We don't just send it off and hope for the best. For the most part we are familiar with what items are legal to import to what countries, and what shipping service will offer you the best value with the least hassles. All of our International shipments are fully insured against loss or damage, so in the event of a problem, we will help to have it corrected as quickly as possible.

We are committed to making shopping with us a pleasurable experience. We'll be happy to help you find the right items to fit your needs. Not all swords are best suited to all purposes, when in doubt simply email us any questions you may have. We'll get back to you ASAP. And our service does not stop as soon as a product goes out the door. You may be surprised by how many companies treat you great until you have a problem. Then all of a sudden, they want nothing to do with you. Should your order be lost or arrive damaged, we will work with you and the shipping company to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Special Orders
If you are looking for something that's not on our site, let us know, we may be able to get it for you. Although we specialize in medieval products, our wholesale connections give us access to many modern or futuristic weapons as well. If you are interested in a particular item, let us know and we'll see what we can do. Or better yet, find the best price you can then email us, along with where you got that price, and we'll beat it. Most special orders can be filled in about two weeks.

Safe, easy ordering
We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express & PayPal through our secure shopping cart system, as well as money orders through the mail. Order online, by phone, or through the mail, whatever works best for you.

Any information we collect from you will not be shared with anyone else ever. Period, no fine print. You can rest assured we wont let the spammers get your email address. We also won't telemarket you like one of our infamous competitors likes to do. We don't feel the fact that we need to collect some of your personal information in order to do business gives us the right to exploit it.

Hassle Free Pre-Orders
Sometimes popular and/or limited items are announced early to allow customers to place advance orders. This allows you to get these sought after items as quickly as possible once they are released. We take the hassle and doubt out of placing a pre-order. If you place your order with a credit card, you are not charged until the item is ready to ship to you. Not one cent. Many places will charge you a non-refundable "deposit" or in some cases the entire amount, what could be months before you ever receive anything. You can also cancel your pre-order at anytime before it has shipped, with no penalty. Most places charge you for the privilege, or won't allow to to cancel it at all!