We will strive to offer you the best pricing available.

If you find one of our products sold for less somewhere else, email us and let us know. Include what the item is, a link to the web address where you found it and what your total cost is from them with shipping to you. We'll get a price quote back to you ASAP.

Please note: The web is absolutely stuffed with "too good to be true" pricing on some of these products. There are several reasons for this. For one thing most places selling these types of products do not actually stock them. As a result, they are sometimes completely out of touch with what their current pricing is. They will sometimes list old prices from years ago with no clue that the manufacturers have raised dealer costs. They will take your order only to back out of it once they discover they can not honor their listed price. Some are good about this, but some can be a pain to get your money back from. There are also several scam sites that appear to exist only to collect credit card information with no intent of ever filling orders. You can also find places misrepresenting the items listed, either selling lower cost knock-offs or defective merchandise.

Please keep this information in mind when requesting a price match. If the offer in question is valid, we'll do what we can to beat the price for you. If we can not, we'll explain to you why, usually for one of the reasons above. In some cases we will require the competitor to have the item In stock. This is because some of these items can take a very long time to come in. Anyone can list low prices but if they can not fill the order, the price is hardly valid.
"In stock" does not mean simply listing it as such, as many of you can attest too, a lot of our competitors list their stock incorrectly.

Please remember that the point of a price match is to offer you a better deal than you can get elsewhere. This requires that the "better" deal you found actually be true.
We are usually already offering the lowest price to actually get the merchandise listed, but occasionally someone will beat us. We don't expect you to always know if a competitor's price is valid, so feel free to contact us if you do find what you believe to be a better deal. We'll do what we can to get you the beat deal possible.