Shipping - Pay attention to the availability status of the items you order. This is listed directly below the "Add to cart" button. Most "In Stock" items ship within two business days after we receive the order. Other items will give you an approximate shipping time such as "Usually ships in about a week". These are estimates, not guarantees. Actual turn around will depend on many factors that are beyond our control. If we know that the turn around time will be significantly different than listed we will try to let to let you know. Also, you will receive an email notifying you when your order ships. If you order items with different availability, your order will be delayed until all items can ship together, unless you specify differently. Please note that split shipping an order will result in additional charges for the multiple packages, so the lowest cost option is to ship all at once. If you need your order split, please mention that in the special instructions or contact us.

Shipping Costs - Our cart will provide you with accurate shipping costs in most cases, at least 95% of the time, but the system is not perfect. It is tying to calculate shipping costs for items of all difference sizes and weights in any combination, to any destination. In some cases the actual shipping costs may turn out to be different than estimated. If this happens, we will contact you before shipment to let you know your options. Sometimes, we will actually be able to save you some money and will refund the difference back to you.

Express Shipping - By default most US orders are shipped by UPS Ground or Priority Mail and international by US Postal Service Air Mail or UPS Expedited. Should you need your order express shipped, it is suggested that you call us for a quote.

Order Cancellation - If you need to cancel an order after it has been placed, please contact us ASAP. The best way to do this is by phone, as emails can take a day or so for us to get through them all, leave a message if you have to with your order number. Orders canceled before shipment will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to 3% of the order total with a minimum fee of $5. This is not meant as a punishment, but is needed to cover our costs involved. Once an order has been shipped it can not be canceled and will need to be treated as a normal return. We can not guarantee that we will be able to cancel an order after you place it, but we will do our best. The sooner you contact us the more chance we will be able to do so. The cancellation fee will not apply in the event that the product you ordered turns out not to be available in the expected time frame. In that case you will have the option to wait, cancel or change the order with no additional cost.

Cancellation of special orders or on products with long turn around times, may be subject to restocking fees. This is because PayPal and the credit card companies only allow so much time for a charge to be refunded. After this period we will only be able to refund you minus the lost processing fees.

Return Policy - We offer a 45 day return policy. If you are unhappy with an item for any reason, you may return it to us within 45 days from when you received it for a full refund or credit, minus shipping costs. Simply email or call us to get a return authorization.

Note: Returns must arrive in the same condition they were received, with all original accessories and boxes. We can not accept items that have been "used" or otherwise damaged. For clothing items it is important to make sure they have not been exposed to smoke, perfumes etc. These items have to smell new to still be considered as new.

Items that were purchased with a "free shipping" promotion, will be refunded minus the actual shipping costs. Shipping is never really free, it just means we did not charge you for it, so if you send the purchase back for a refund, we'll need to cover that cost.

Items sent back without obtaining a return authorization will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Items returned that are missing pieces or otherwise not in new condition will be sent back to the customer or partially refunded at our discretion.

We have had a few customers attempt to threaten their way around the return polices lately, so we want to make this very clear.

We can only cover shipping costs to do a same item exchange on something we have determined to be defective. Other types of returns or exchanges will require you to cover the shipping costs involved.

We can not cover your shipping costs so you can try out items to see if you like them or not. If you return an item for a refund or an exchange for a different item, you will be responsible for the shipping costs involved. There are no exceptions to this. It does not matter why you want to return it. You can not simply nitpick “defects” in an effort to try and circumvent this. You can not complain, whine or threaten us into covering your shipping costs. If you do provide us with a “do this or else” type of ultimatum, you will be banned and lose the option to ever purchase from us again. We’re sorry to even have to put this up here, but the level of self-entitlement of some people has gotten way out of hand and quite frankly we are very tired of dealing with that type of attitude. If you have a problem paying the shipping costs generated by your actions, do not order from us. If you feel that attempting to bully or extort a company to get around posted policies is a viable tactic, we do not want your business. Please take that attitude to our competition. For the 99% of you who don’t act like spoiled children, we are sorry we even have to post this at all.

Halloween Return Policy
Due to previous abuse of our generous return policy, clothing, armor, and some weapons purchased between September 20th and October 31st may be returned for store credit only. Returned items must show no signs of use or wear. Our normal return policy will resume in November. During this time, returns will be handled on a case by case basis at our sole discretion, with exceptions made for our established customers. In other words, if you are planning to purchase items to use for a costume with the intention of returning them afterward, Do not order!

Special & Custom Orders - For any items custom made to your specifications, for example scabbards, or items not listed on our site that we may agree to special order for you, returns will only be accepted at our discretion. In most cases, these items should be considered non-returnable Also due to the nature of custom and special orders, turn around times can vary. Once an order has been placed it can not be canceled, even if the turn around ends up taking longer than expected. Please keep this in mind if ordering those types of items.

Shipping Damage - Should your shipment arrive damaged, please retain all boxes and packing materials and contact us as soon as possible. We try to pack exceptionally well, so this is very rare, but sometimes an item may be damaged despite this. In these cases we may need to file a claim with the shipping company.

Missing Items - Our system makes it virtually impossible for items to be missing from your shipment. However, if you believe something is missing, retain all boxes and packing materials and contact us as soon as possible. Believe it or not, in nearly every case where someone thought they did not receive something, they were able to locate it in the packaging after being instructed to look for it. We have had people overlook entire swords in the packing materials and swear up and down that they did not get them, only to eventually locate it. Be sure to completely unpack and flatten out all boxes and packing materials before contacting us. You will almost certainly find that everything is included that should be.

Defective Items - We inspect our products before we ship, so most obvious defects are caught and rejected before your order ever goes out. However, we are only human, so occasionally something could be missed. In the event that you should receive a damaged or defective item, simply contact us and we'll get the issue corrected for you. Please note: Items that we determine to be defective will be replaced with another of the same item. Should you decide that you would rather exchange for a different item or send the item back for refund it will be treated as any other normal product return or exchange.

Special note about "perfection"
The vast majority of customers are absolutely delighted with their sword purchases, but occasionally we will encounter a customer who's expectations are simply unrealistic for the item they purchased. Something to keep in mind is that the majority of these items are hand made and are meant to replicate hand made items from hundreds or thousands of years ago. They are absolutely not meant to be "perfect". It is the hand made "imperfections" that give many swords their charm and appeal. Experienced collectors already understand this, but sometimes new collectors seem to think that their swords should look like they came from the same state of the art factory that produced their flat screen TV. A lot of these items are being hand hammered or ground out, they are not popping out of some super sword cloning machine. Sometimes it can be difficult for the inexperienced to tell the difference between an actual defect and normal hand made variance. Here is a good rule of thumb. If you find yourself having to use the word "perfectly" to describe the issue, it is likely not a defect. For example, this is not "perfectly" straight or that is not "perfectly" flush, as opposed to"the sword is bent". Keep in mind that we do inspect the swords before shipment, so most actual defects are caught and rejected. If the issue you are concerned with is something minor, it is likely characteristic of the product. Considering the types of items we are dealing with here, we can not simply replace something because it is not "perfect" . If you are one of those people that can not accept anything but absolute perfection, sword collecting is not for you.

Warrantees - Your sword purchase will be covered by any warrantee provided by the respective manufactures. We can not warrantee them beyond this or on our own, we do not make these products. Some manufacturers, such as Hanwei provide a one year warrantee against material defects and workmanship. Some are bit less formal about what is covered. Baltimore Knife & Sword warrantee them for life, while some will not provide any warrantee at all. Each manufacturer has their own terms, but none of them will warrantee against abuse. So please know what you can and can not do with your sword. If you have any questions about this, please ask us. If you need to claim on a warrantee issue, contact us, we'll work with the manufacturer to get it straightened out for you.

Money Orders - If you would like to order by money order, please go through the online ordering process. You will be given the option to pay by money order. Select this and it will give you the rest of the payment instructions. By going through this process, you ensure that when we receive your money order we have all of your information ready to go. It will also provide you with an order number you can reference on the money order. Money orders only. Personal checks are NOT acceptable.
Please Note: Orders paid in this way are not considered firm until payment arrives. Product can not be held or reserved, so availability may change. The order will process when the payment arrives.

International Orders - We can ship to many countries outside of the USA. However some countries specifically prohibit the import of swords. We will try to list the countries we can not ship to here, as they come up. This is by no means a complete list.

We can not ship weapons to:

Japan (including APOs based there)

Please note: It is your responsibility to make sure any items you order are legal for you to import and that you have any required permissions or documents needed to do so. We will try to warn you if we know that a particular item could be a problem, but do not assume that if we do not warn you, everything is Ok. Many countries have complex laws regarding these types of items and even the customs offices do not seem to fully understand them all the time. In the event that a shipment is refused or confiscated by customs, we will not be able to refund you. In many cases, if that happens the shipment will return and we can then refund for the item minus the shipping costs both ways. We do not want this to happen to you, which is why it is important to check your local laws and restrictions before ordering. Also, understand that you will likely need to pay some duties or taxes on that end. Failure to do so, will result in the package coming back to us and you loosing out on the shipping costs both ways, or the package being abandoned. Please be sure to respond if customs contacts you about any fees to to avoid this situation.

Our international shipping calculator will estimate shipping to most locations and allow you to check out. However, it can not always account for very large or bulky items or may sometimes offer an option your package may be too large to use. Most of the time the estimates work out just fine, it is usually with large orders, big items like spears or shields, or countries that have small postal package maximums that can thrown the estimates off. If your cost ends up being higher than listed we will contact you to let you know.

Also please note: We can not undervalue your shipments on the customs forms, or mark your shipment as a gift in an attempt to get out of paying any taxes that are legally due. Doing so is illegal and can cause us serious problems as an Importer / Exporter. Undervaluing your shipment would also result in it not being properly covered by the shipping insurance.

Special note for Australia - We can ship to Australia. However, please be sure to verify the legality of your selections in your area. Australian customs has become very strict lately, and we would hate for your shipment to be confiscated. A special license may be required for you to import some of these items. Please be absolutely sure you may legally do so, before placing your order. We will not be able to refund confiscated shipments. In general, they have the biggest issues with double edged knives, most swords are usually not an issue.

Special note for Denmark - Swords and other weapons can only be shipped if you have the proper license to import these items. Denmark will not accept these shipment through the postal service, so please select the UPS shipping option at checkout.
Please also provide us with a copy of your import license.

Special note for Greece - Technically the postal restrictions for Greece list swords as prohibited. However we have had good luck shipping these items to Greece anyway. Because of this we can not guarantee that you will not have difficulty receiving your package, but if you would like to try, we will now ship to Greece.

Special note for Italy - Swords can only ship to Italy if sent to a commercial address.

Special note for the UK - Sword laws have recently changed in the UK. All curved swords over 50 cm in length are now illegal, including decorative items. Exceptions are provided for members of martial arts schools holding the proper insurance, for religious usage, and for traditionally hand made swords. If you are ordering one of these curved swords, please include your exception information in the special instructions section. We'll include this information with the package to help with clearance through the UK customs. Please be absolutely sure you may legally import these items, before placing your order. We will not be able to refund confiscated shipments. There are no problems with the import of straight swords to the UK.
Another thing to keep in mind is that the English politicians do not want you to have these swords. Sure they provide exemptions, but in some cases, they will seize the shipment, regardless of the fact that we have provided documentation about it's proper exemption. In all cases, so far, the swords were eventually released, but not without a fight. Be prepared for a struggle to get your shipment to clear, we can help somewhat from this end, but ultimately, it is up to customs if they will let you get your shipment, regardless of what the official law states. Their apparent strategy is to seize everything and make you prove that you are allowed to have it, ignoring any documentation included with the shipment.